Global Monitoring System (GMS)

The Global Monitoring System (GMS) provides a wide SBAS performance monitoring using the different GPS/GEO data collection networks. The data files are gathered from public domain Europen ftp sites (such as,,, or other sources (such as EGNOS Post Data Provider [epps]), on a daily basis. The Navigation Solution is computed using the GEO message collected from a SBAS receiver or from data server (such as the epps...). The automatic processing has a latency of 2 days in order to allow the inclusion, under request, of additional data sets collected from some independent sites delivered in a ftp server that would be added to the processing.


Figure: Layout of the SBAS Global Monitoring System

In a daily basis, the data set files from the GNSS receivers' network are gathered from the internet. These files are combined with the collected GEO data form an SBAS receiver and processed with BRUS (future extension would be done to integrate the PEGASUS WinGPSAll module also). After processing, some statistic analysis and graphic results are generated and an automatic e-mail is broadcasted to a distribution list. Moreover, a data base is updated for further analysis and some relevant information is uploaded to a web server.